Fashion designer Undra Celeste presented her Summer 2019 Collection at Essence Fashion House over the weekend inside Gallier Hall in New Orleans. This is Celeste’s first time presenting her designs at Essence Festival.

Most of Celeste’s designs were black and white, but she also included hues of green, nude and some prints. Her collection was also comprised of skirts, frilled tops, crewnecks and wide leg pants.

When asked what the inspiration was behind her collection, the New York native told ESSENCE that it is the everyday woman, who wants to add a little flair to her wardrobe that she dresses. She named one iconic singer to further explain.

“I would describe it as if Diana Ross had a day job. That sums up my designs perfectly,” Celeste said.

Now that Celeste has checked Essence Festival off her bucket list, the designer hopes to have a consistent relationship with her consumers and would like to be represented in retail going forward.

For more information on Undra Celeste, follow her on Instagram and to purchase her garments here.

Check out some of our favorite looks from the show below.