ESSENCE Fashion House kicked off Friday at Essence Festival in New Orleans, starting with a panel from legendary stylist Misa Hylton and historian Tanisha Ford.

With a background like Hylton’s, and Ford shining in her niche in discussing Black history, this panel was a match made in heaven.

“I want to continue to make an impact and support other creatives that look like me,” said Hylton. “Any opportunity I have to do those things, I’m going to keep going.”

Hylton, who has styled Lil Kim, Missy Elliott and Mary J. Blige’s most iconic looks, created a standard for Black stylists to gain respect from luxury fashion houses and created fashion trends that are still relevant today with her clients.

After Hylton and Ford continued their conversation about Black style creating the blueprint for pop culture, Hylton concluded the panel with, “I don’t know what the future holds but I know the impact I want to make.”

If you haven’t had time to grab your ESSENCE Fashion House tickets, it’s not too late. Join the fun for Saturday and Sunday by purchasing tickets here.

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