Fashion Emergency Kit: 16 Items You Should Always Have On Hand for Style Snafus  

You'll never be off your style game with these in your arsenal.

Patrice J. Williams May, 31, 2016

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Let these liners keep your favorite white tee and silky top free of sweat stains.

Stain Blockers Underarm Garment Liners, $5,

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What can’t this double-stick tape do? Secure a strapless shirt, fix a hem in seconds or get rid of that annoying blouse gap between your buttons. Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape, $6,

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Nope, this deodorant isn’t just to keep you fresh, it can prevent blisters. A few swipes act as an invisible barrier between your skin and your favorite strappy sandals.

Secret Outlast XTEND Clear Gel Deodorant, $4,


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Or you can always just buy a handy stick to prevent your shoes from rubbing back and forth and creating friction. Just say bye to blisters.

Band-Aid Active Friction Block Stick, $6,



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Even if you don't have a sewing kit at home, this travel size one is a must, as it holds everything you could ever need.

Singer Sewing Repair Kit, $4,


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The packaging is beyond adorable and the fruity gum will keep your breath on point after you've had a yummy, but stinky meal.

Blue Q Unicorn Gum, $2,


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When you need to freshen up on the go, these all natural towelettes will hold you over.

Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Towelettes, $12,


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Lint can ruin a perfectly good look, but don’t let it. This roller comes in a variety of colors and can fit in the palm of your hand.

Flint Retractable Lint Roller, $7,


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After hours of walking in heels, your feet are bound to feel the burn. These cushioned pads give the balls of your feet a break.

Technogel Tip Toes, $9,


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Heels are a gift from the heavens, but worn down heel tips are a nightmare. Here's your solution until you can make it to your cobbler.

GoGo Heel Quick Tips, $8,


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Polish is for more than a mani. Swipe a clear coat over the threads of a loose button to keep it in place or a thin layer on your costume jewelry can act as a barrier between your jewels and your sensitive skin.

Seche Clear Crystal Base Coat, $8,


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A pencil eraser is a great substitute for a lost earring back, but who carries those? Instead, carry these!

Claire’s Bullet Earring Backs, $7,


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In addition to cleaning your tub, these can remove scuffs from your crisp kicks.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, $3,


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For those silky shirts or linen pants, a few squirts of this eliminate the need for an iron. And for my travelers, this is a must!

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus, $8,


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Don’t stains just seem to gravitate toward your only pair of white jeans or LBD? Keep this pen handy to remove unwanted stains.

Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover Pen, $4,

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Or if you don’t feel like compiling your own kit just yet, cop this 17 piece that comes in a chic metallic pouch.

Pinch Provisions Mini Emergency Kit, $16,



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