Exclusive Fashion Q&A: Bridget Kelly
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Bridget Kelly’s sound is one part edgy and a little sultry –– just like her fashion sense. “I really pride myself in being able to combine soft and hard characteristics. If I do a leather jacket, then it will be with a really pretty feminine blouse underneath,” describes the singer.

ESSENCE.com sat down with the Roc Nation newbie to find out who she is, what she’s wearing and the secret to her sexy curve-hugging style.

Place I call home: I’m from Chelsea, NYC, born and raised.

My style is: Tomboy chic. I consider myself a boy in a dress. I really just love to be in stuff that is comfortable. I like to pair things that are comfortable with a lot of leather. I am big with leather. I am big into black. I love jackets. I love accessories –– I love shoes.

I cannot live without: My leather jackets. I have a leather jacket with a fur collar on it; actually that is a must-have. The fur collar comes off, so when it’s not fur season, it’s interchangeable. I have a really dope pair of leggings that have lace on the inside, in the middle. Those are a must-have for me. And, I have a pair of open-toe wedges that I love.

Spandex is the solution to all problems. I think a high-waisted pant really just accentuates the curves, the hips and the waist the right way. And, I am just a really big advocate for black. I really wear a lot of black. It is slimming, it’s sexy, and it’s a New York staple in fashion. 

Fashion tips and tricks: I am tall and I have legs, so I tend to steer clear of a lot a patterns. I just think it makes everything look like dancehall queen, jazzercise –– it’s a lot. I think you can find some leggings that are just a little too thin, and when women have babies and their bodies change, you can see some dimples in the legs so you have to be careful with the fabric. It’s a tricky situation. But I think overall the number one rule for me for leggings is just the patterns. Just try to keep it to a minimum, especially if you are really, really curvy. You want people to stare because your body is amazing, not because your outfit is busy.

Favorite designers: I don’t have any favorites but, I have to say the ones I think work for me and fit me the best are Alexander Wang, T by Alexander Wang, especially is definitely my style –– very comfortable. Stella McCartney is another and BCBG, actually. Oddly enough, Max Azria; their stuff just fits my body like glove. Their dresses are made for the curvy girls.

One item every girl should own: Every girl is different. You should have one thing that makes you comfortable, that you love or you should reject all things that make you uncomfortable. I hate bags. I never carry a bag. I am terrified of bags. I don’t want to have to be responsible for that many things at one time. I know it’s terrible. I have my keys. I have my phone. I usually have my ID, my metro card and debit card in my phone case. 

The next item on my wish list: Thigh-high boots. Honestly, it is so cliché to say this but Christian Louboutin has an incredible thigh-high boot that just speaks volumes to the legs. That is probably the one that I would go for right now.

My last purchase was: These actually (points to leggings). These leggings from Zara. It’s a secret place you can get some pieces that look like they may be Dior.

My fashion icons are: Victoria Beckham is one because she is the soccer mom in a YSL Tribute. Even when she is dressed down she is still very sassy. When she dresses up she is very classy. And honestly, it’s got to be a tie between her and JLO –– she is just a badass. She (JLO) just knows what works for her body. Sometimes I think she is a little over the top just because I look at her and know she is a mom. But, I think, just overall, when I was looking to follow some trends for curvy girls when I was in high school, she was definitely the one. The terry cloth outfits from Juicy Couture, she made it all pop. She made it happen.

My favorite local boutiques to shop at are: L Love Boutique, Topshop is another one, and I like consignment stuff. I love thrift stores; I am a big thrifter. That doesn’t just pertain to name brand stuff. I love flannels, sweaters, T-shirts, cardigans and things like that.

The best city for shopping is: Paris! Paris is a danger for people like me. We spend our rent money in Paris on clothes. There is a really dope boutique in Paris called Colette, and they have amazing stuff. Like it’s just amazing. When I am in LA, I like to go into Fred Segal and go and get a wish list in Fred Segal as well. They always have some top shoes other people don’t have. And Barney’s Co-Op. I am a big fan of Barney’s.

I feel most sexy when I’m wearing: A catsuit. I am a complete advocate for the onesie pants. I am so lazy when it comes to fashion. That this is probably why I am so attracted to that. A friend of mine, Sammy B, who’s a designer from Brooklyn made this catsuit, and it fits the body like a glove.

When I’m on stage: I like it to look like I literally just came off the street and walked onstage. I think my music, it’s not too glam, it’s relatable. My EP is called Every Girl so I definitely wanted to make it as casual as possible, still look really cool but really just have stuff from my closet, you know what I mean? High-waisted pants and a T-shirt. A pair of boots and a cute pair of shoes. I hate jeans. I’m a thick girl on the bottom so it’s hard to find denim that really fits the way it should and accents all of the assets.

Fashion rule I live by: Find things that you are comfortable in. I take comfort over anything, any day of the week. If I am not comfortable and stuck in a tight dress on stage, I know I am not going to be at my best. I am not going to put my best foot forward if I am not dressed like myself. I think you have to find things that really work for you. Every women is different, every body is different, every shape is different so you have to find what works for you. Find something you love and go all out with it!

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