ESSENCE 25 Most Stylish: Kelis Takes Us Inside The World Of A Lifelong Trendsetter

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Essence Aug, 24, 2018

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We recently announced our first-ever ESSENCE 25 Most Stylish List, featuring some of our favorite trendsetters and style mavens who slay from head to toe on any and every occasion.


Scroll through to read a little about what Kelis had to say about her personal style, style inspirations, shoe fetish, when she realized Black was beautiful and more. Plus, be sure to grab your tickets to the 2018 ESSENCE Street Style Festival, celebrating all things Black fashion, beauty and style during New York Fashion Week!


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"My personal style is emotional, it’s based on how I feel. I’m a very visual person and sometimes I associate random things together, whether it be a thought, or a feeling, or it could be an object, but then I dress according to my interpretation of whatever birthed the inspiration."

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"I love putting the old with the new, and it’s never one thing. I love a theme and capturing the essence of an era."

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"Growing up my mother would always tell us we were beautiful black girls that were growing into beautiful black women so there has never been a time in my life where I doubted or questioned that."

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"I grew up in Harlem and I have sisters, so my dad was always outnumbered in our house. The female energy was palpable and just the norm."

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"I love so many different things; I can’t really choose specifically. My style is moody. Depends on the day."

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"I love Halpern or Boudica. I love this store called, The Way We Wore, but I can find something pretty much anywhere."

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"I’m a shoe girl--I may actually have a problem. I usually choose shoes over everything else."

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"I get dressed from the bottom up ninty-percent of the time. Heels, sneakers, flip flops, slides, mules, high tops, low tops. I don’t care, I want them all!"

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"My mother was always someone I admired for not just her style, but the way she carried it. Red lips, red nails, and lots of hair. So ladylike; I wanted to be just like that. I’m not really, but she’s the one who taught me how to be."