Erykah Badu Sends Controversial Tweets About Young Girls Wearing Short Skirts
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A gross double-stand exists in schools when it comes to dress code policy. Recently, a high-school in New Zealand has been criticized for enforcing teenaged female students to wear knee-length skirts so as not to “distract” male students and teachers.

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The assistant principal of the school, Cherith Telford, claims that this endeavor was designed to “keep our girls safe, stop boys form getting ideas and crate a good work environment for male staff,” reports The Guardian

In a series of tweets, Badu agrees with the school’s actions. She tweeted that young girls should be aware of the risks that their bodies and sexuality possesses; that men can’t help it.

This dress code and, unfortunately, Badu’s tweets, send the message that women – adolescents and teenagers included – are responsible for men’s sexual behavior. It also sends the message to young men that their sexual behavior is uncontrollable.

“We know that victim blaming is very common and this is a clear example of the responsibility on the girls to be responsible for their own safety,” Debbi Tohill, executive director of Rape Crisis told The Guardian regarding the dress code.

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“In this instance, where the teacher is in a position of authority and control, the teacher has the responsibility to ensure a safe environment is created for all students. Teachers need to ensure that they have respectful relationships with their students.”

Having a dress code in place isn’t the problem, but when these codes target girls because their bodies are “sexually distracting,” it then becomes objectification. 

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