When your mother is the queen of neo-soul and a style icon, and your father is a legendary hip-hop artist and writer who has penned some of the biggest songs to come out of the West Coast, musical talent and an innate sense of style has no choice but to be built into your genetic makeup. Such is the case for Puma Sabti Curry—the 13-year-old daughter of Erykah Badu and The D.O.C.

Puma is one of Badu’s three children—there’s older brother Seven and younger sister, Mars. Talent clearly runs in the family here, as Puma is already showing signs of her star potential, while gracefully following in her mother’s fashionable footsteps.

This past February, at Badu’s 47th birthday celebration, Puma caused a stir online when she was caught on camera serenading her mom. The Window Seat singer even shared the sweet clip on Instagram with a cute caption thanking her look-a-like daughter.

The moment definitely caused a collective round of awws, but most importantly, it shed light on what a lot of us have known since we first heard Puma belt out a cover of Rihanna’s Stay: Puma can saaaannngg!

The songstress and fashion maven is definitely up next. Here’s everything you need to know about Puma, including the song covers and fashion magazine spreads she’s slayed in recent years.

Though Puma first popped up on our radar four years ago when she flexed her vocal skills on the 2012 hit single, Stay, Badu, being the proud mama bear that she is, first showcased Puma’s skill on the mic in a sing-a-long with her and Mars.

After going viral with her song covers, the budding fashionista can now also add model to her burgeoning resume. In 2017, Puma and her mother posed for a high-fashion editorial in a grocery store for the September issue of Vogue Mexico magazine. Badu was even responsible for a portion of the art direction, sharing a few of their scene-stealing, twinning looks on her Instagram.


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Me and my Puma. On a pretty day. 🌈

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We can only hope the mommy-daughter duo team up again on a track for Badu’s upcoming album, or perhaps we’ll hear Puma on a song with her equally talented brother and sister. Until one of those collaborations happens, however, you can check out the impressive clip below of Puma covering Stay.