There was a time, where I was searching for a Dior Saddle Bag and found an authentic vintage find on Etsy. It was priced at $150 and unfortunately, waiting one day cost me to lose that very rare find. Now, the Dior Saddle Bag has resurfaced to its original value which averages around $2,700 and up. Resalers like The Real Real and independent vendors are starting at $1,500, so my $150 find is basically extinct.

But, when you are dedicated to the lewk, nothing can stop you, even the price. This intricate Dior bag has surpassed many of its mock-ups and has spearheaded a nostalgic reissue of vintage fashion and archived pieces. The monogrammed moment that is printed across the bag is an ode to the past but, a huge style trend that is predicted for next year.

What is new about this modern-day design is the strap. The saddlebag allows you to carry it like a regular purse but, also has the option for you to sport it across your chest like the street style kids in NYC. Across any age bracket or style aesthetic, this bag is the perfect fix to your luxe craving.

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Consider this added to my wish list.