For her second, dancehall-themed appearance, Rihanna pulled off a look that anyone else would probably look ridiculous in. Her hair remained covered with a fishnet durag while her glossy nude lips were outlined in black. Upon closer inspection, you can also see the way her creamy eyeshadow adds even more dimension to the face.
Theo Wargo/MTV1617

#DuragHistoryWeek is back and better than ever.

Dominique Hobdy
Nov, 07, 2016

It seems like everyday there's another national holiday. 

Whether it's National Game & Puzzle Week or National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day — which is actually today (Nov. 7), there's pretty much a day or week observance for everything.

However, #DuragHistoryWeek, Black Twitter's annual celebration of the cultural mainstay that is the durag is officially back in action and we're so here for it.

We're always game to celebrate an aspect of Black culture and this hashtag does just that. Whether the durag was worn for the sake of the ever important waves, to hold your wrap in place or for a stand-alone fashion statement, it'd be hard to deny it's presence in the Black community. 

We're caught between intense laughter and much respect for the iconic fashion statement. Honoring durag greats like Harriet Tubman, Jay Z and even Rihanna, we've found the most hilarious and spot-on durag moments this time around.


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