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Danielle Brooks Has A Message For The Fashion Industry Regarding Plus-Size Women 

Danielle Brooks Has A Message For The Fashion Industry Regarding Plus-Size Women
Krista Kennell/Getty Images

While some designers have begun to include plus-size models on their runway and more brands have recently launched into the plus-size market, the fashion industry still has plenty of room to grow when it comes to catering to curvy women, and actress and first-time designer Danielle Brooks has a message for the industry.

In a recent interview with Mic, Brooks, who just launched her first-ever fashion collection with Universal Standard, a brand that offers clothing for women sizes 10-28, shared what she believes plus-size women want when it comes to fashion.



“We want more,” Brooks said. “Fashion is so tied into who we are as people, and our personalities. We want to be able to express ourselves, so the more options that we have, the easier it is for us to walk down the street with our heads up feeling like powerful women. Just give us more options.”

Fashion brands could start by simply taking a few tips from Brooks herself. When she was asked to describe the ideal customer for her collection, the actress said, “Everyone, that’s who it’s really for. I want every woman to wear these clothes. And if men want to jump in these overalls, they can jump in these overalls. I think that was my main goal. But it did start with me. The question posed was like, ‘What do I wanna be seen in?’ I remember saying, ‘I want something that’s comfortable. I want something that is so universal that I can go from night to day, or day to night.’”

The Universal Standard x Danielle Brooks Tria collection is available now at universalstandard.com.