Daily Paper Releases A Capsule Collection Titled ‘From Africa To The World’
Courtesy of Brand

Daily Paper continues to foster a global community with their latest capsule collection titled From Africa To The World. The assortment is a continuation of the brand’s efforts to embrace the diaspora of Africa in recognition of its founders’ roots. Co-founder Abderrahmane Trabsini stated “From Africa To The World is an ode to the diaspora that represents their culture across borders” in a release.  

In addition to paying homage to the motherland, the campaign explores the inspiring journey of student life across the African diaspora. This collection consists of a varsity jacket made from a rich wool blend, comfortable hoodies with joggers to match, quality knitwear, great graphic tees, and a stylish bandana. All garments are embellished with a visual of a globe held within two hands, spotlighting the continent of Africa — making it clear that there are no borders to where community can extend. 

The collection will be available for purchase beginning on August 25th at Daily Paper’s flagship stores, select retailers, and on dailypaperclothing.com.

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