The holidays can get super stressful, especially when you’re trying to dress to impress for all of the friends and relatives you haven’t seen in a while. But there’s really no need to go crazy dropping wads of cash on a look you’re probably only going to wear once. There are a ton of stores that have affordable (and cute) options. Take Target for example. The retailer has really beautiful holiday dresses for curvy women, and most of them are less than $50. Yep, 50 bucks.

You can score a festive design in a bold, red hue or keep things classic with a black number. And don’t forget about all of the frills that define the season. From lace trimmings to ruffle accents, you will not be disappointed. Hey, you could even end up being a contender for best dressed with the right accessories.

So get ready to completely stun this holiday season, and check out our favorite curve-friendly holiday dress from Target in the gallery below.

This article was originally published on InStyle.