Goo Goo Atkins Teaches us how to Dress Our Curves With Style
Charley Gallay

Goo Goo Atkins sashayed onto the  beauty & style stage at ESSENCE Festival ready to deliver some valuable tips to attendees about how they can accentuate their flawless curves. From silhouettes that work best to little known tips that can make all of the difference — here are the 5 awesome things to keep in mind straight from Goo Goo herself. 

1. Do wear a girdle: Goo Goo says that for curvy women sometimes a girdle can be your best friend. “Wear a girdle, and that doesn’t meant wear something that squeezes you to death but it makes you neat and actually helps with your posture. Booties should jiggle but stomaches shouldn’t.”

2. Do invest in a great bra: Goo Goo says that a good bra can be the difference between being able to see your waistline and having it disapear. “People have waistlines hiding up under those boobs and they don’t even know.” Rule of thumb: Lift the boobs, find your waist.

3. Don’t worry about stereotypical rules like not wearing horizontal lines: Goo Goo says that the the “no stripes” rule only applies to any problem areas you may have. She also says the size of the stripes makes a huge difference. “Wider stripes don’t have the same effects. The same things goes with prints, the larger prints are more sliming than smaller ones”

4. Do dress for your shape: The stylist says that dressing for your particular shape and accentuating your best assets is key. “Something that works for one body type just may not work for you and that doesn’t mean that you’re not beautiful or you don’t have the good parts. Everybody has it, it’s just about figuring out what’s yours and staying there.”

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5. Do get alterations: Goo Goo touched on the importance of tailoring your clothes specifically for you. “Most of the stuff I buy doesn’t fit me correctly, I have to go get alterations. Bridal shops are good places to get alterations from. That’s all they do all day “

6: Do keep a blazer handy: Goo Goo says that taking a look from daytime to corporate settings can be as easy as whipping out a blazer. “I like to be appropriate wherever I go. Blazers are just always appropriate for corporate settings.”

7: Don’t wear your belts too low: When you wear a waist belt it’s best to wear it high to accentuate your waistline. “You never want to tie your belt on your widest part.”

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