The plus-size model talks modeling and motherhood. Jordan Tesfay Age: 35 Hometown: Rome, Italy Ethnicity: East African, Italian, Canadian Follow Me: Twitter – @JordanTesfay, Instagram – @JordanTesfay I was discovered: I entered a model search with MODE Magazine and was selected out of 25,000 people, to Model with Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina offered me a five year contract and the rest, as they say, is history. I am currently signed to ME Management. I’m currently working on: There are so many amazing projects going on right now! I’m working on my first book as well as my blog, CoverMOM is where I share DIY, style tips and lifestyle tips with women, especially new moms. My best feature is: My best feature is my smile. I’ve been told that it matches my personality. I’m beautiful because: I spend time working on the inside me, not just the outside version of myself. Not to sound cliche, but true beauty truly starts from within. There is something extremely alluring about confidence and it gained through self knowledge. My favorite thing to wear to feel special is: Hands down, my Burberry trenchcoat. Without fail, it has made many an outfit look pulled together. My beauty routine is: My beauty routine is pretty simple and affordable. I use Mario Badescu Cucumber cleanser and generally use Oil of Olay Moisturizer. My Aunt is 57 and has used the original Olay of Oil formulation for over thirty years. Her skin is amazing. My health routine is: Having just had a baby, I’m just getting back into the swing of things. I try to squeeze in 30 mins of exercise in 3-4 times a week and love using Youtube to find new Yoga routines that I can do while I watch the baby. I also use a Nutribullet to incorporate healthy smoothies and juices into my daily diet. The best trick I use to flatter my curves is: Spanx, especially after having a baby. They have come in very handy at some red carpet events. Those lights pick up everything. My pet peeve when it comes to curvy girl fashion is: Clothes that do not fit properly. I try everything on. A garment that fits properly is flattering. I often use a tailor for alterations to get the perfect fit. My advice to budding plus size models is: My advice to young models is to empower yourself through education. Models often start their careers very early, and sometimes never attend college. While I do believe everyone’s journey in life is uniquely their own, studies have shown that women who have an education are more empowered, both socially and economically. My playlist to get into the zone while shooting includes: I like to listen to women empowerment songs. Beyonce, Chaka, Whitney Houston. Anything that has a good beat, makes you move and has a positive message. My curvy style icon is: Gabi Fresh fashion blogger who takes risks and is a size 18 and honestly she looks better, and pulls things of better than most girls half her size. I enjoy reading her blog, she is inspiring in many ways. My favorite places to shop: I love shopping estate sales for well jewelry. Etsy is my go to for unique, handmade gifts. Asos, and Nordstroms for investment pieces. Net-a-Porter for inspiration. Favorite style blogs?,