Curvy Model of The Month: Candice Langley
Photography: Sean P. Watters. Makeup: Melanie Christie. Hair: Tiffany Johnson

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA


Height: 5’11”
Bust: 36B
Waist: 30
Hips: 41

I was inspired to get into modeling because: Of my love of fashion and the integral part that models play in translating the appropriate mood or feel of a garment. Beautiful women who wear beautiful clothes and look like they are having a blast while doing so. You can’t beat it!

I started by: Enlisting a fashion photographer to take photos of me that would be used specifically for agency submission. And in doing so researching the best photographer for a model just starting out. One who is more patient and can help you translate the appropriate mood for each shot. When you’re beginning you are just figuring things out (i.e. how to move in front of a camera, how to smile, what’s the best pose). You need someone who is aware of all of that and knows how to nurture and when to push you out of your comfort zone. I then researched a makeup artist who, along with the photographer, help to capture the appropriate mood. Lastly, I researched agencies targeted to the type of modeling I wanted to do. I began submitting my photos online since many ask you to submit for consideration that way. While others opt for mail-in submissions.

The most challenging part has been: Staying persistent and confident in what you hope to achieve in the industry in the face of sometimes negative feedback.

What I bring different to the industry is my: My look.

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My best feature is: My smile.

My ultimate dream is to: Be the exclusive spokesmodel for a makeup, clothing and fragrance empire.

The models I look up to most:  Tyra Banks for her brains and beauty and for reaching the heights of fashion, but moreso for reaching back to help other models coming after her. And then using her platform to cross over into other areas like television, books, movies, music, modeling. She has such an astute business acumen which is definitely something to marvel. Iman — she took the whole modeling game to another hemisphere. While exuding class, dignity and grace. And Naomi, the name alone says it all, no explanation necessary.

The most important thing I’ve learned so far about modeling: Stay mindful of the things you say to yourself. Don’t let other people’s opinion of you become your opinion of you. You can’t allow the negative thinking to penetrate, because as a model it is your job to exude confidence and if you fall short of that your success will be limited.

The best trick I use to flatter my curves is: I wouldn’t say it’s a trick per se. I just try and wear things that complement or flatter my body, however, in order to do so the fit of a garment is paramount. Knowing how lines should fall around the bust and making sure things aren’t clinging when they should be draping can all be summed up in having the right fit. I am not hugely into trends although I indulge on occasion but moreso stick to classic pieces and styles. 

My health routine is: I work out three times a week. Twice a week I work with a personal trainer where we work to simply tone my body and make muscles appear longer and leaner. I then work out once a week on my own, where I do a combination of cardio and upper and lower body exercise as prescribed by my trainer.

My beauty routine is: I cleanse twice a day morning and night with Clinique liquid facial soap, followed by Clinique clarifying lotion and then Ambi Even & Clear daily moisturizer with SPF 30. I also indulge in a facial every three months, which works wonders on my skin.

The best advice I’ve received: The three P’s: stay positive, polite and prayerful.

My advice to budding curvy models is: Stay true to you and what is unique about you. I believe we all have something in us that sets us apart from the next. I encourage you to find it and shine a light on it!

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