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Curvy Model of The Month: Britnee Blair

From Canadian cutie to New York newbie, find out this beauty stays fit and flawless.

Age: 24

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Canada
Ethnicity: Jamaican, French Canadian
Measurements: 36-31-47
Height: 5’9”

I was discovered: After my mom submitted my photos to a local modeling agency in our hometown, without me knowing. Needless to say I was shocked when I received a phone call from the agency. I’m so grateful she did it and it has been a phenomenal experience ever since. Thanks mom!

I’m currently working on: Establishing myself in the United States both with clients and personally. I’m a born and bred Canadian woman who recently moved to NYC November of last year. I’m still meeting so many new people, clients, and friends. I’m enjoying the fashion and arts within New York, and discovering more about what I’m passionate about artistically.

My best feature is: My eyes! I always smile with my eyes, and truly do believe the eyes are the window to a persons soul.

I’m beautiful because: Of my optimism, my hunger for life, and the love I have for those closest to me. I am a woman who knows what she loves, and knows who she is. That’s a beautiful thing.

My favorite thing to wear to feel special is: Red Lipstick. There is just something about getting the perfect outfit, the perfect accessories…and then finishing it with a jaw-dropping red Lipstick. It says ‘I’m classy, with a hint of edge, and I am not afraid to be seen.’

My beauty routine is: nothing too elaborate. I’m very basic, just making sure I wash my face everyday, twice a day. I guess you could call me old school because I still swear by my Noxema! I wash with Noxema and also stick with a basic do it yourself honey and yogurt face mask weekly.

My health routine is: Going to the gym three times a week and walking, walking, and more walking. Living in New York City makes it especially easy to get your cardio in by walking around, not to mention all the activities you stumble upon daily. I try to just stay active and get at least 30 min cardio in a day. As for my diet , I’m always a fan of a good smoothie or shake! Because life gets so busy, I find a scoop of good women’s protein powder, a few handfuls of fruit, and some milk and toss it in the blender–– and boom! It always does me good to start my day off! I also stay super hydrated drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. A trick to making sure you drink the recommended daily water intake,  is to always carry a full water bottle around with you and make a conscious effort to finish a certain amount.

The best trick I use to flatter my curves is: To make my waist the focal point. I love a lot of body-con dresses that hug my curves in all the right ways by accentuating my smaller waist, and also showcasing my voluptuous shape.

My pet peeve when it comes to curvy girl fashion is: The type of fabric used for pants. I’m a woman with thick thighs –– thighs that touch and create those uncomfortable and unattractive lint balls in the inseam of your pant legs.  My quick go to solution is to take a disposable razor or a pumice stone, it doesn’t have to be fancy and lightly shave the lint material balls off. Take a lint roller to it once your done to grab any excess material –– and voila! No inner thigh lint.

My advice to budding plus size models is: To come into the industry knowing yourself, and what you want to represent. I feel that a lot of people that get into the fashion industry in hopes of feeling beautiful and finding themselves by being labeled a model. But at the end of the day the only person who will make you feel and believe you are beautiful, is yourself. Although it is an amazing experience, you must come into this industry with thick skin, a well rounded positive attitude, and a concrete moral of what you stand for.

I get into the zone while shooting by: Listening to empowering women that help me channel my inner lioness. Beyonce of course, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna and Alicia Keys. On certain days where I need that extra lean in my pose I love to pop on some Drake, 50 cent, and a little Jay-Z.

My curvy style icon is: Jennifer Hudson. I absolutely love her style: chic, classy, sexy, and edgy.

My favorite places to shop: Forever 21 for the cute up-and-coming finds, Fashion to Figure for my perfect outfit to hit the town, H&M for my basics, and Lane Bryant and Express for everyday and meeting wear.

My Favorite style blogs are: The gorgeous and fellow Canadian ‘QueenSizedFlava.‘ It’s beautifully done with ample info, and a phenomenal amount of positivity geared towards curvy ladies. Love it!

Look For Me Next: In the Addition Elle Fall Lookbook! I’m really looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.