Take Notes! Kelly Augustine’s Curvy Style Will Give You Instant Inspiration
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Kelly Augustine is a master at dressing for her curves.

The New York-based blogger’s natural beauty and graceful style are eye-catching, as captured so beautifully on social media and her self-titled blog. Augustine’s resume includes being a fashion blogger, marketer, stylist, and most recently, model, after being featured in Lane Bryant’s #TheNewSkinny campaign. We spoke with one of our favorite curvy girl crushes to find out her favorite fashion finds and learn a thing or two about how to dress for our curves.

What are your favorite fashion and beauty brands for curvy women? 
Some of my go-to fashion brands are ASOS, Eloquii, and Lane Bryant. ASOS and Eloquii, in particular, always have trendy, high-fashion pieces at affordable prices. Lane Bryant is excellent for well-made closet staples and their designer collaborations are fabulous. Zelie for She and Nakimuli are my favorite indie designers for plus. They’re made here in the US and it’s a true labor of love for both ladies. I respect their perspectives and design aesthetics. For beauty, I think Glossier nailed inclusivity without sensationalizing it. Megababe was my favorite last summer because their chafing stick was the answer to my chub rub!

What is a feature you love to accentuate? 
Is it silly if I say almost everything? I’ve really come to embrace every part of me, even the parts I have a tough time with sometimes because it’s my body and it’s who I am. 

What do you say to curvy women who may think that nothing looks good on them? 
WEAR. IT! I’ve had so many personal styling clients, and friends, think that something doesn’t look good on them until I force them to just put it on. No harm comes from trying something on. You can honestly wear whatever you want. It’s your confidence that carries your clothes. I always say, “If you believe it looks good, it does!”

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When did you learn to accept your curves? 
I’ve always been curvy. Even 100 pounds smaller than I am right now, I was still curvy. About 4 or 5 years ago, I’d lost a good chunk of weight and my shape didn’t really change too much but I was obsessed with losing weight. It was really insane. I think that was really the turning point for me. I’d realized that my body was my body, no matter the size. Once I accepted that everything else fell into place.

Describe your style. 
I often describe my style as “comfort chic,” but there’s an urban flair to it. I love denim with leather jackets or interesting shirts—it’s really my uniform. When I go glam, it’s always something that’s chic and somewhat sexy, but comfortable. In all that I wear, I never sacrifice comfort.

What’s something you think curvy women should have in their closet? 
I think all curvy women should have a great pair of jeans in their closet. Dark wash, high-rise, skinny jeans can go from work to weekend with ease. 

What’s your favorite pair of jeans? 
I have a pair of mid-wash, high rise skinny jeans from NYDJ that I live and die for. I’ve had them for over a year and they are still rocking!

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Where do you find your style inspiration? 
My style inspirations at the moment are Rihanna and Tracee Ellis Ross. Both of them are just so unapologetic about who they are and what they wear. I get a jolt of energy from them. They’re both so bold and fearless. My style icon, ultimately, is my grandmother. Growing up, she was who I looked to and certain fabulous vintage pieces I own remind me of her.  

What’s your best fashion or beauty investment? 
A steamer! Changed my life.

What are your favorite lingerie brands? 
Curvy Kate is hands down my favorite brand for bras. I wear a 36K and they offer it! The designs are cute, and they offer the cups for bathing suits as well. For fun, sexier lingerie I love Lane Bryant’s Cacique line.