For any makeup maven with a love of Instagram and a passion for looks that pop, Kluermoi is the woman to follow. With just a few brief tutorials many viewers instantly feel empowered to go beyond their everyday routines and try a new look. 

The Suriname native and New York-based makeup artist also never ceases to amaze us with her chic style. She’s always showing off her curves in double-tap worthy looks. ESSENCE reached out to Kluermoi to have her share some fashion and beauty gems along with some advice that helped her learn to accept her curves.

What is a feature you love to accentuate?

My favorite feature on my body to accentuate are my shoulders. I love wearing off-the-shoulder tops. It’s such a sexy way to show some skin but not too much at the same time.

What do you say to curvy women that say nothing looks good on them?

I would tell all my curvaceous beauties to shop ’til you drop! Embrace your body, [and] you only have one. Show it love and it will show you love back.

When did you learn to accept your curves or have you always?

The past year for me has been amazing. I just woke up one day and was so tired of not loving me. I was tired and exhausted of not liking my body. It takes a lot of energy to be mean to yourself. So I stopped. I said, ‘I am beautiful! I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my life and I am going to enjoy this journey.’ That doesn’t mean that I don’t work out or want to become healthier but I am going to love me all the way there.

What’s something you think curvy women should have in their closet?

A well-fitted blazer, great pair of jeans and a sexy bralette — Ashley Stewart has great bralettes.

What are your essential beauty products?

My must-have beauty products for hair is the Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo; it makes your hair just so fluffy and clean. I must have Suriname (my home country) coconut oil for my entire body — it works wonders. Lastly, I must have Dose of Colors’ red lipstick, Kiss on Fire — it’s the best red lip I have ever seen.

What do you hope the fashion and beauty industry will either add or improve on?

I call myself plus size because I have become accustomed to that label and I wear it proudly! However, it would be great if clothing stores would stop calling a section ‘plus size’ and just add the larger sizes to their stores. When a store has a section for plus size it’s almost like they are using it to divide us, to put us in a different, almost embarrassing, usually much smaller section of the store. I would love for the fashion industry to just include us in the sizing.