curlBOX founder Myleik Teele knows a thing or two about self-care. She’s built a business on bringing moments of self-care to Black women (and their hair) across the country. Now, this boss lady has teamed up with T.J. Maxx to help women get the most out of their money without sacrificing quality. Teele kicked off T.J. Maxx’s new retail philosophy of “Maxximizing” on March 16th by flexing her curation skills with a specialized “Maxximze Your Me Time” pod featuring her must-have self-care products. The entrepreneur sat down with ESSENCE and we’re all ears as she talks about the everyday items that can help you re-center, the real meaning of self-care, and the one thing to keep in mind when everything gets a bit overwhelming. On What Self-Care Means to Her: Self-care for me is really about saving. I was really excited to do the Tj Maxx partnership because I feel like a lot of times when we think about saving it feels like a sacrifice, right? It’s just like ‘I don’t want to do it’ — but maybe it doesn’t necessarily have to feel like you’re giving something up. At Tj Maxx, you can find items without sacrificing quality and at a price that makes sense. On Her Self-Care Routine: My “me time” is the coffee in the morning alone in a nice robe. It is jumping on the bike or the treadmill, getting some exercise. I really like activewear because I feel like I really look forward to having something new and cute to wear when I’m working out. You know, I feel like that’s helping me work out better. In the evening maybe it’s a really nice glass of wine in a really nice glass. I am obsessed with TJ Maxx wine glasses! On Stealing Moments of Time For Yourself: It’s really about scheduling time for yourself. It can be something super simple and really trying to steal a moment a day if we can. Whether you’re doing the afternoon or night, it’s like feel 15 to 20 minutes for yourself daily is necessary. So I think that curating things in your life and making sure that you have things that you love is super important and you don’t want to break the bank doing that. On The One Thing to Keep In Mind When It All Gets Overwhelming: “People don’t inspire me, the sun rises and sets every day no matter what.” I think that’s so true. You know, no matter what is going on the sun rises and it sets and just applying that to your life helps. I believe in just leaning into things as if you’re chosen. So if you don’t get selected for something, it just wasn’t your thing and your thing is coming. Your life is unfolding exactly as it should. Shop T.J. Maxx’s Self-Care Centric Picks Below!