These Gorgeous T-Shirts Capture the Beauty and Style of African Women in America
Courtesy of Pop Caven

If you’re an African girl living in the Western world, the contemporary t-shirt brand Pop Caven wants you to know that it understands you — and they’ve got the perfect designs to prove it. 

With witty phrases and eye-popping colors, Pop Caven’s spring line captures the spirit of the woman who balances her African roots with American and European influences. 


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“We started Pop Caven to be the voice of the young African,” says Doreen Caven, co-founder of the brand. “Too many times we are represented in the media as broken and destitute, and while there are places in Africa experiencing major poverty, there are also places which are not — there is wealth, art and talent like you have never seen, music that is incredible, food that is mouth watering, clothes that are absolutely fantastic and much more.”

Caven, who runs the brand with her sister Joan, is originally from Nigeria but has been in the United States for 14 years. Having lived in Nigeria long enough to identify with the customs and in the U.S. long enough to understand the culture, the sisters are definitely the women they’re catering to. 

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A photo posted by Doreen Caven (@doreencaven) on Nov 7, 2015 at 5:42am PST

(Left to right: Joan and Doreen Caven)

So, who exactly is the African woman living in the west? Caven says she’s cultured, well-rounded and so much more. 

“The African female in the West is a girl who takes an active part in western culture but is fully aware of and openly celebrates her African roots. She is inspired by culture, art, music of both cultures and celebrates and promotes African/black culture to her immediate western surroundings. She would love everyone to know that Africa is not a country, and Jollof rice is not something to take lightly, she can bop to Fela and also do a mean dab, she clicks the ‘Prays for Nigeria’ button on Facebook, and also hashtags #BlackLivesMatter on Instagram. Mostly, she is aware of the importance of togetherness.”

Caven says although she loves to see the celebration of African style, there is more recognition needed for the brands behind the culture. “It is great to see the focus on Africa on something different. However I would like to see more African brands recognized for it instead of African styles appropriated by western brands. “

Want to represent your roots in style? Head to to snag a t-shirt and click the gallery above to check out the hottest looks.