Staying Warm and Stylish During the Colder Temperatures
Courtesy of Asia Milia Ware

Since when does cold weather equal less stylish outfits? Never. Fashion never rests—not even when it’s below freezing.

It is easy to throw on sweatpants, layered sweatshirts and boots during winter, but that leaves no room for expressing your true style. It is no secret that when you dress better, you feel better and shine with confidence. Don’t let the temperature stop you from presenting the best version of yourself to the world. We all want to see the real you.

Lupita Nyong’o’s Sweater Weather Game Is Tight

It is very possible to be warm, cute and stylish. It’s all about layers, fun coats and statement shoes. Being seasonably versatile is important because it truly portrays the dynamic of your individual style. Yes, it takes a little more thought and effort, but cold weather style can be lots of fun.

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Courtesy of Asia Milia Ware

Eye-catching coats, shoes and accessories are the keys to a successful winter wardrobe. A basic neutral puffer coat or plain boots give no depth to an outfit, it just shows that you’re trying to stay warm. This winter, get a nice statement coat—whether it adds a pop of color to your everyday ensemble or it has special details—this will take your look to the next level.

Layering is another key for staying cute and cozy. A sweater topped with a blazer and a wool coat can go a long way with the right accessories. Accessories you may want to look in to this winter may include hats, shoes and scarves with special details or patterns.

So, this year say goodbye to sweatpants and untrendy bulky coats and embrace your style during the winter, because fashion lives all year round.

Asia Milia Ware (@missasiamilia) is a junior, Strategic Communications major at Hampton University. She is a journalist that is a fashion and fitness guru.