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[MUSIC] Ooh Snap, June Ambrose has launch a clothing line and it's called Ooh Snap! Look at this rock mom sweatshirt One I'm a mom, two I rock so this definitely is something I wanna wear all the time. She has other designs in the collection but I really, really love this one and I love June. So we all know that philosophies hope in a jar well a is a cool accent, well they made even better by adding color, that's right there absolutely amazing moisturizer, now consistence that will work for a variety in a different teen colors, so all you have to do is rub it on Go. Okay these are Tom Ford. I admit they are not cheap but they are a huge step up from those cheaper bobby sprays that are all over our bathroom. So these retro feeling aerosol cans are filled with some of the most iconic scents from Tom Ford's collection. And all I wanna do is Spray than over me and you will take..>>So those of the joe fist thing of my does this week but come back next week theres some more

Dope Stuff On My Desk: June Ambrose Launches Limited Edition Sweatshirts And More Fab finds

I love a great cozy sweatshirt and the latest addition to my collection is courtesy of none other than the fabulous celebrity stylist June Ambrose. Known for outfitting the likes of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, Ambrose is now bringing her brand of style and sass to the masses with the launch of “Ooh Snap!” by June Ambrose a limited edition sweatshirt collection ($69-$79). I'm loving the "#RockMom" design -- because, well, I am one. But the "Stay Woke" sweatshirt is also amazing! Another dope items I'm obsessed with this week is a new twist on a classic. Beauty junkies everywhere are very familiar with Philosophy's iconic face moisturizer Hope In A Jar. Well, the beauty brand is taking the formulation to the next level by adding a tint ($39) -- five beautiful hues to be exact. Now we can get the same amazing skin benefits and superb coverage. It's so good that I've been ditching my foundation and using this instead when I don't need to be fully glammed up. Last but not least, there is nothing from fashion designer Tom Ford that I don't love. And although I can't afford his clothes, that doesn't mean I can't own a piece of his luxury world. Case in point, the Tom Ford Beauty collection is filled with stunning products that are pricey -- but won't totally break the bank. Right now I'm crushing on the brand's luxe body sprays ($67). They are a throwback to those retro aerosol cans we know from our youth, but upgraded with high-end fragrance. Treat yourself!