5 Reasons Why You Should Be Renting Clothes
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To rent or not to rent? Just recently that wasn’t even a question for me because I simply wasn’t interested. As someone who’s admittedly fashion-obssessed, I just didn’t see the point in spending money for something that I ultimately wouldn’t own. I thought it was cool that clothing rental companies existed — but I paid them absolutely no mind.

Then, Rent the Runway saved my life. I used the New York-based clothing rental company this year to create my wardrobe during ESSENCE Festival. No seriously, it was like a whole new world. I got to choose from a huge selection of designs and try out looks I’d admired from afar but would have never been able to purchase on my own.

Now, I’m completely on board with renting clothes. Here are a few reasons why you should consider it too!

Variety: Renting your clothes offers you the flexibility to try different trends and looks while keeping your wardrobe fresh and current. Programs like Rent the Runway’s ‘Unlimited’ feature let you subscribe, choose up to three pieces, swap them out whenever you want, keep them for as long as you want and only dish out $139 a month! Le Tote is another subscription service that let’s you rent three garments and two accessories, have them delivered to your door unlimited times per month and when you send it back you get your next three items, all for $59 per month.

There’s something for everyone: Women of all shapes and sizes deserve to feel great. Renting companies realize this. Most take detailed looks at your specific body shape, offer testimonials from women from all over on how the pieces really fit and have sizes that go up to 12/14. Companies like Gwynnie Bee cater specifically to curvy women, offering beautiful pieces for ladies sized 10-32. Are you a mom-to-be that just can’t see herself spending a fortune on maternity wear? Rent it! Le Tote offers an amazing maternity subscription! 

Be the belle of the ball: If your everyday wardrobe is doing just fine, but you need something to slay that next event you’re headed to, then renting is an amazing option. Often stocked with breathtaking formal ensembles, it’s a great option to be able to rock that floor-length gown without having to buy it.

Earn money– Renting clothes isn’t all about shelling out your hard earned money, it’s also an opportunity to bring some cash your way. Let you clothes work for you by renting out your amazing pieces. Closet Collective’s “Rent Your Closet” feature let’s you rent out your clothes and make enough money to buy that next killer item.

Live the glamorous life: For those of us (myself included) with expensive taste and budgets that aren’t quite set up to accommodate that taste, it’s nice to splurge on a luxury item for a portion of the price. You may never think about spending $1630 on a Salvatore Ferragamo dress but when it’s $200, it just doesn’t seem as bad. At luxury renting company Armarium, there are so many high fashion possibilities.

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