During quarantine, social media has been a lifesaver. Whether it’s Instagram live sessions, digital conferences or TikTok, there is so much content on the Web. One photo that circulated this week was a picture of Knixia and Knaomi Smith, also known as @knixandkna, on Instagram.

The two toddlers posed in front of a camera in matching nude sweatsuits, and both coordinated their outfits with a pair of Yeezy slides and Bantu knots. What was even more adorable was the video they posted along with their photo dump that included the duo rapping to their latest single, “Brown Sugar Baby,” which can be found on all streaming platforms. “Brown sugar baby, making hits and sipping tea,” rapped older sister Knixia.

When scrolling on their page, you’ll see many more delightful photos of not only the two cheeky sisters but also their entire family, including their mom, dad and 1-year-old brother. This is not the last time the girls will be circulating on the Web. The “Brown Sugar Baby” official video is dropping next week. “Make sure you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel,” they (or mom) wrote on Instagram. We’ll be watching! In the meantime, check out their video, Black Girl Magic.”