Celebs Wearing Louis Vuitton

Celebs in Bags, Shoes and Dresses from Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, pronounced Loo-ee Voo-ee-ton, launched in the 1800s as a luxury luggage brand. Over a century later they’ve evolved into a lot more than that-being one of the most important apparel lables in fashion and the go to brand for statement bags. Celebs like Rihanna, Kerry Wilson and Angela Simmons are obsessed the the companies accessories and apparel. Take a look at how they wear it.

Keyshia Cole’s Vuitton Scarf

Keyshia Cole takes a moment to sign autographs and style it up in this Vuitton scarf.

Monica and Khloe Kardashian’s Vuitton Speedy

Monica and Khloe Kardashian both rock their monogram Fleur de Jais courtside at a Lakers game.

Naomi Capbell With a Vuitton Tote

Naomi Campbell heads out of the Vuitton store rocking a Vuitton bag with the signature monograms.

Dr. Michelle’s Speedy

Dr. Michelle Callahan tops off her posh look with her monogramed Fleur de Jais speedy.

Star Jone’s Vuitton Luggage

Star Jones waits to be picked up at the airport with her Vuitton suitcase.

Serena Williams’ Little Black Vuitton Dress

Serena Williams’ Vuitton Belt & Bag

Even a broken foot can’t stop Serena from styling in this Vuitton ensemble, complete with logo bag and belt.

Thandie Newton in a Vuitton Dress

Thandie Newton looks as bright-and beautiful-as the sun in this Louis Vuitton dress at a store opening in London.

Zoe Saldana in a Vuitton Dress

Zoe Saldana looks flawless in this Vuitton cocktail dress.

Rihanna’s Vuitton Bag & Umbrella

Rihanna steps out of the Vuitton store with a beautiful blue Vuitton hand bag and an umbrella.

Beyonce’s Vuitton Sandals

Beyonce embodies street chic in this relaxed outfit and fierce Vuitton sandals.

Kerry Washington’s Vuitton Dress

Kerry Washington wears Vuitton dress and ankle-bow tie pumps on the red carpet.

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Rashida Jones’ Vuitton Purse

Rashida Jones poised to enter the Vuitton store with a posh Vuitton purse.

Tolula Adeyemi’s Vuitton Sandals

“It” Brit Girl, Tolula Adeyemi rocks Vuitton sandals on the red carpet.

Tolula Adeyemi’s Vuitton Pumps

This time, Tolula Adeyemi keeps thins fun and flirty with these ankle-strap Vuitton pumps.

Cassie’s Vuitton Carry On

Cassie fly’s right with a Vuitton carry-on and matching tote.

Cassie’s Vuitton Skirt

Cassie looks sleek and chic in this ornate Vuitton skirt.

Zoe Saldana’s Vuitton Cocktail Dress

Zoe Saldana strikes a sweet-yet sexy-pose in this Vuitton cocktail dress.

Serena Williams’ Vuitton Bag

Serena Williams compliments her all white dress with a black Vuitton Vernis Alma bag.

Angela Simmons’ Vuitton Carry All

Angela Simmons’, here with Leona Lewis, keeps it cute and casual with an oversized Vuitton Speedy bag.

Angela Simmons’ Vuitton Sprouse Speedy

Forget a beach bag, Vuitton opts for While lounging poolside, Simmons rocks a Vuitton Sprouse Speedy bag.

Ashanti’s Vuitton Tank

Ashanti, here with LL Cool J, rocks a sexy black LV tank at a store event.

Fatima’s Vuitton Sandals

Fatima does a stylish repeat with the same sandals in this dynamic pose.

Fatima’s Vuitton Sandals

Choreographer Fatima punctuates her all-black outfit with Vuitton sandals.

Marjorie Harvey’s Vuitton Pumps

Marjorie Harvey looks flawless in this Vuitton ensemble, especially her ostritch “Beauty” pumps.