In Celebration of The 2016 Met Gala: The Most Stylish Wearable Tech 

Tameika Lawrence May, 02, 2016

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The theme of this year's Met Gal is "Man x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology". It's anyone's guess how celebrity styles will translate when they're thinking tech, but we expect a lot of gowns to light up. The topic, which explores handmade haute couture vs machine-made fashion, is fitting since digital innovation is spreading in every industry. That includes fashion. Wearables are what's hot now! Here are the best fashion tech finds that will have you feeling the computer love.

To Buy: Fitbit, $129.95

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To Buy: Altruis Ring, $345

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To Buy: (price available upon request)

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To Buy: Mira Bracelet, $99

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To Buy: Vesper, $69 (and up)

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To Buy: Apple Watch, $299 (and up)

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To Buy:, $105 (and up)

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To Buy:, $295 (and up)


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# News