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ANTM Winner Who Stars As Husband In Cardi B’s Video Says He Was 'Distracted By How Perfect She Was'

America’s Next Top Model winner Keith Carlos plays the role of a lifetime in Cardi’s “Be Careful” video

In a recent Instagram post to promote her music video “Be Careful,” Cardi B shared a lyric to the hit song: My heart is like a package with a fragile label on it. Be careful with me.” Apparently, her lover didn’t get the message and as a result he dies. Well, not in real life- but in the video! 

Cardi B x "Be Careful" video

The video pays homage to Quentin Tarantino’s cult-classic film “Kill Bill” and Cardi’s love interest is portrayed by America’s Next Top Model winner, Keith Carlos (the first male model to win on the show).

In the video, Cardi appears angelic wearing a white wedding dress and dangling diamond earrings with diamond necklaces. With her long, blonde hair blowing in the wind, she greets her hubby Carlos (handsome and well-dressed), at the altar of a deserted chapel… but by the end of the video, Carlos is seen lying in a casket, victim of his own demise for playing with Cardi’s heart (based on the lyrics of the song).   

ESSENCE caught up with Carlos to talk about the video and all things Cardi. Check it out! 

How was the experience of working with a pregnant Cardi B? 

It was a very hot day in the desert; we were wearing multiple layers of all-black clothing [which] made the heat even more uncomfortable. As a pregnant woman in that situation she had every reason to complain, however she didn’t. She’s a hard-working woman and did her job well. It was a wonderful experience and I am grateful to have had the opportunity. 

As a fashion guy, what was your reaction to seeing Cardi in her wedding dress? 

I had to remind myself that I was just acting as her husband because standing at that alter, holding her hands, looking at her lips and watching her hair blow, I was very distracted by how perfect she was. I was the happiest man on earth; she looked simply amazing and hid her pregnancy very well with her dress. 

Do you think your character was dressed ‘casket sharp’ for the final scene? 

Yes, literally casket sharp. I came through drippin’! 

What was your character’s inspiration for the video? 

There is a lot of temptation in the world, so I think my character -in many ways- represents a man’s bad choices and where those choices can lead you. 

Tell us about your journey from “America’s Next Top Model” to where you are today… and what’s the most important thing that you learned from Tyra? 

The journey has been extremely tough, but equally as gratifying. I like to explain it like this… ANTM gives you wings; it’s your job to learn how to fly. The business is NOT easy, so every step in the right direction is truly gratifying. There is no such thing as a ‘small job,’ it’s all work and it all counts. 

What’s up next for you?

My brother and business partner, Matthew Stephen Smith, and I are currently in pre-production for our first non-scripted television show, Role Models. The premise of this show focuses on humanitarianism; through brand/company endorsements we plan to create real world ‘product placement’ scenarios to positively impact communities and individuals around the world.