Gasp… no Photoshop on a professional fashion photo, how dare they?! Or better yet, what took them so long?!

As we all know, Twitter can either quell a situation or make it be heard loud-and-clear, and the latter is what happened with a series of fashion photos that have made their rounds on multiple social media feeds over the past few weeks. The photos in question depict women in their natural state (unretouched with stretch marks on full display), of course with glammed-up hair and makeup, but without the de rigueur of photoshop.

We caught a glimpse of the uproar on the UK retailer’s website -the place where the photos in question derived from- but not only did we see the heralded unretouched model pictures, we also noticed and applauded the site’s inclusion of ‘all clothing sizes’ of women AND men (from size 0 to 3xl).

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This is neither an ad nor us giving a stamp of approval, but it’s impressive that in a world where fashion can often leave customers out of the picture, Boohoo has chosen to include and embrace what is actually reflective of their customer demographic.

At the end of the day, we all like to look good and want to shop where we ultimately see ourselves in the mix of what retailers and advertisers have to offer… but it’s rare when retailers actually hit the mark and prove that every customer is shown in the brand’s vision.

Kudos to the Boohoo creative teams, and to the models who bare it all… xo!