How To Come Correct For Tonight’s Verzuz — From Cherry Acrylics To Bamboo Earrings
Instagram/Yung BBQ

The year is 1996. You and your girls are gearing up for night out on the town, leather mini skirts are on and a heavy spritz aroma has taken over the atmosphere. Your bestie yells “Turn on that new Keith Sweat!,” and before you know it, your boombox is churning out the sounds of Twisted. 30 minutes of sizzling marcel irons later and the crew is piled inside the Chevy Impala, blasting Bobby Brown’s Don’t Be Cruel in preparation for night of fun and booty-bumping ahead.

Sound familiar? Well whether this has you reminiscing on the good ole times or you’re a youngin’ who simply appreciates the standout era in music, tonight’s Verzuz between R&B legends Bobby Brown and Keith Sweat is guaranteed to be one of ultimate nostalgia. So in celebration of the friendly face-off, we’ve rounded up the auntie essentials to truly get into character. You ready?