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Black Twitter's Response to the Men's Romper Trend is Pure Gold

Male rompers may be coming to a city near you, but not without Black Twitter's input.

Black Twitter takes no breaks, it knows no bounds and it’s always on ready to keep it real. 

The latest culprit? Men’s rompers.

News of the budding trend has been making it’s rounds after a Kickstarter was launched to support RompHim, start-up company Aced Design’s answer to the one-piece play suits traditionally worn by women.

Offered in a variety of colors and with complete reassurance that “manly men” can rock the look without any inhibitions, RompHim stands to be one of the most talked about men’s trends of Summer 2017.

Like the true champions they are, the Black Twitter community has banded together to bring the world truly hilarious responses to the new look. Get your little piece of joy via these responses that will literally make you laugh out loud.



Yet again, Black Twitter saves the day.