Our love fest for the movie “Black Panther” shows no signs of slowing. And why should it? The film is more than just entertainment — it’s a movement. And with most movements come the inevitable production of must-have merch! 

T-shirts, buttons, book bags and action figures are everywhere — but we’ve got our eye on items that will truly quench our thirst for the fine brothas in the movie. BuzzFeed’s Sylvia Obell aptly calls it the “Black Panther” Thirst Effect — because all the men in Wakanda are beautiful. Facts!

Thankfully the company Adorned By Chi is offering an oasis. The Black-owned brand has created three adorable shirts ($29.50 each) emblazoned with our affections for the male stars of “Black Panther.” With proclamations like: “T’Challa Makes Me Holla,” “Killmonger’s Queen,” and “M’Baku’s Bo” the only real decision to make is which bae are you going with? Or better yet, snag all three!