Celebrity Jeweler Big Mike Releases BLM Pendant
Photo: @jaiel.perez

Many businesses are going back to the drawing board and producing products that can speak to the times we’re in.

Along with the woes of the pandemic, the deaths of George Floyd, Tony McDade and Breonna Taylor brought forth a much-needed conversation between businesses and consumers and ushered Black-owned establishments at the forefront. “All these jewelers in the industry take from our culture and community, but I haven’t noticed one giving back,” says Micheal O, celebrity jeweler, who also goes by “Big Mike.” The designer created a special Black Lives Matter (BLM) pendant to stand in solidarity with the culture and community during the nation’s current civil unrest.

Large jewelers like IceBox and Johnny Dang, which are known for making some of our favorite entertainers’ ice pieces, have remained primarily silent during these troubling times. On social media, Dang announced that he donated to the Floyd family, and Icebox posted a black square in solidarity with the movement; however, both have gone back to posting regular content without any follow-ups.

In this period, it’s important to note the business owners who are supporting the movement and more. “Being the only Black celebrity jeweler, it’s imperative I set the standard. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and showing I care about my community and the culture,” Big Mike says.

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The diamond-encrusted pendant shaped in the powerful Black Panther fist spells out “Black Lives Matter.” The cost of each custom pendant is $1,500, 100 percent of the proceeds are going to The North Star Fund’s Let Us Breathe Fund and its fight for equal rights for all Black lives. 

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