Beyoncé is many things: songstress, fashion icon, arguably the greatest performer of all time, and even our personal style advisor — through her music, of course! Since first hitting the music scene with Destiny’s Child back in 1998, fashion has been one of the many ways in which Mrs. Carter appeals to her massive fanbase. From heating up red carpets and stages around the world in custom designs by her mother, to dazzling in head-to-toe looks by major fashion houses, Beyoncé’s unique style never goes unnoticed.
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In honor of her 37th birthday, we’ve rounded up the fashion advice Queen Bey has shared through her song lyrics over the years. Let’s take a look.

Song: Check On It Lyrics: “If you got it, flaunt it…” In this hit made famous on the Pink Panther movie soundtrack, Beyoncé gave us the confidence boost we needed with six simple words. Though not quite originated by Bey herself, the phrase served as a key piece of advice we’ll be sure to keep in mind, especially when preparing for a night out.

Song: Diva Lyrics: “Since fifteen in my stilettos been strutting in this game…” These lyrics reminded us that simply walking through life is never enough; a strut is necessary at all times! As someone with 22 years in entertainment (and counting) under her belt, we deem Bey an expert on how to slay through life.

Song: Freakum Dress Lyrics: “Get him uptight, this is your song. Hold out your back, time to impress. Pull out your freakum dress.” Often times, we forget all about that cute little dress in the back of our closets that turns all the heads and leaves us feeling like a million bucks everytime we look in the mirror. But not to worry, we have our resident musical style advisor to keep us on track!

Song: Upgrade U Lyrics: Audemars Piquet watch, dimples in ya neckties, Hermes briefcase, Cartier tie clips, silk-lined blazers… VVS cuff-links.”When Bey wasn’t dishing out style advice to help keep us ladies on point, she was schooling us on how to keep our guys on point from head to toe. These lines from ‘Upgrade U’ —which features then-boyfriend Jay Z—gave us the ultimate tips to help our men enhance their style too.

Song: Apeshit Lyrics: “Look at my jewelry, I’m lethal. These diamonds on me, they see-through.” Our interpretation of these unforgettable lyrics from The Carters’ recently-released joint album entices us to put our best, most fashionable foot forward without apology…..and maybe even do some bragging along the way.

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