Beyonce's Swimsuit Game is Seriously on Another Level

Beyonce just hit Hawaii with her family for a much-needed vacation and per usual she's bringing the heat when it comes to her swimsuit game. Of course, this isn't the first time Bey has slayed in a bathing suit -- so we're taking a look back at her best moments.

Dominique Hobdy Jun, 22, 2016

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So, we're going to need this long-sleeve stunner.

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Side profile slaying.

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Swim gear so fresh it's defying gravity.

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Capt. Beyonce here to slay!

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Sports Illustrated wasn't ready for this one.

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Chasing rainbows.

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Because champagne and the pool is the perfect match.

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Throwback swimsuit moments complete with a bedazzled bandana. Priceless.

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When your swimsuit is so cute it makes you want do backflips.

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Look back at it.

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What? You've never golfed in your bathing suit?

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Keeping it trill, even in the pool.

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Ahhh, the yacht life.

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Representing even while submerged in water.

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We're not even sure if this is actually a bathing suit but she werked it.

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How timeless is this look?

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