Hillary Clinton loves a good pantsuit—this we know. The presidential candidate has made several bold style statements on the campaign trail, adding on to a long, well-documented, career in pantsuits. And let’s not forget the hilarious theory that her pantsuits on the campaign trail are an ode to Death Row Records.

On Friday night Beyoncé and her dancers gave a nod to Clinton’s sartorial choice by wearing their own variations of pantsuits. Beyoncé wore a black and white polka dot suit while her dancers wore blue pantsuits with white “I’m With Her” T-shirts underneath.

Beyoncé and Jay Z were in Cleveland for the free “Get Out the Vote” in support of Clinton.

And Beyoncé may not be the only woman paying tribute to Clinton’s pantsuits. Women across the country are reportedly planning to wear pantsuits to the polls on Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal reports on Clinton supporter Libby Chamberlin’s plans to rock pantsuits to the polls. The 35-year-old, who has dubbed Nov 8. “National Pantsuit Day,” has created a private Facebook page that has accumulated “over 600,000 members in two weeks.”