There’s no need to wonder what Beyoncé has been up to over the past three years. After sending the internet into a frenzy announcing her next studio album, ‘Renaissance,’ the 28-time Grammy award winner took to Instagram, revealing her cinematic cover for the July issue of British Vogue—hinting at what we can expect from her next era.

In conversation with the EIC of British Vogue, Edward Enniful, the pair discuss how he and Queen Bey came up with the concepts and motifs for the “glittering retro-futurism” photo spread. 

Beyoncé is serving up disco glam that is completely out of this world as she stands front and center on the dance floor wearing haute couture, captivating us with her feathery crowns, signifying her reign supreme over our ears and our hearts. 

Captured by acclaimed photographer Rafael Pavarotti, the spread tells the story of what we could have expected from the legendary discotheque Studio 54 if it had made it into the twenty-first century.

For the cover, Beyoncé wears a black Alaïa gown with a majestic crown created by British-American designer Harris Reed. Reed tells British Vogue that Beyoncé’s peacock crown was constructed with remains from the exquisite headdress he designed for renowned model Iman for the 2021 Met Gala. According to British Vogue, Mrs. Carter’s crown is made up of ‘recycled 150-year-old tapestry and upholstery fabric, which was given to Reed by the Bussandri family after a serendipitous encounter while on vacation in Italy.’

If you study the editorial closely, you’ll see that Beyoncé is paying homage to the late 80s and early 90s, when the Club Kids of New York ruled the fashion scene with their flamboyant, indescribable clothing, outlandish yet intriguing platform shoes, and bright and daring makeup. The Club Kids scene has influenced designers like Shayne Oliver, Jeremy Scott, and a slew of other radical fashion innovators.

The “Be Alive” singer has us saying her name yet again, as she keeps us on the edge of our seats awaiting her upcoming project, which will be released on July 29. The title, based on what we’ve learned so far, is “Renaissance Act i” so get your heels ready because something tells us we’ll be “Crazy In Love” with her newness.