The Fashion at Beyonce's 35th Soul Train Birthday Bash Was Epic

It got really funky last night for Beyonce's 35th birthday bash. Everyone from Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper to Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland took it all the way back in style for the Queen's big day. See all of the on point looks from last night here!

Dominique Hobdy Sep, 06, 2016

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What's that Beyonce? You want us to hush and take in the magnificence of your sequin one-leg ensemble? Done.

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Of course Solange and her family arrived in the finest of threads.

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Chance and Bey are seriously too cute.

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Come through, June!!!!

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Diddy pulled off a pretty accurate 70s player from the himalayas moment in this lace top and floral pants. We love the diva moment cassie delivered.

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We're so here for Michelle Williams and her stylist's Sonny and Cher moment.

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Supermodels Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls and Ty Hunter have this 70s style game on lock!

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Kelly and LaLa better work!!!

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Swizz and Alicia do date night 70s style.

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Jay Z and Usher look like they just stepped out of 1973. Love it.

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How fierce are Chloe and Haile's in these killer outfits?

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Kendrick Lamar played no games in his patchwork coat, wood clogs and red pants. Epic!

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Yes Chance! This look is on point!

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Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon are too fly.

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Yasss Queen Bey!