Temperatures are getting colder outside, and creatives are ending this year in luxe sweatsuits and oversized jackets. It’s that time of year where you are too lazy to pull out your favorite winter look but still need to step outside the house in a street style. This week, fashion faves rocked some of their coziest threads, because even fashion needs a break. But, that didn’t stop the drip this week. Scrolling down our feeds we caught Jacquemus mini bags, Brother Vellies boots, and Prada shades.

Christmas is next week, so hopefully, everyone is wrapping up work and getting ready for some downtime for the holidays. Downtime which results in a chill look that is accessorized with a designer piece. Christmas style tip 101.

Let’s be honest, Instagram can serve as the best place to find your next outfit. There is nothing wrong with grabbing a little inspiration from the internet and these creatives brought the best style this week.

Check out 10 of our favorite looks on the gram’.