When looking for the perfect accent to give your outfit the extra wow factor, animal print often does the trick. It’s fun and funky and can be worn in the summer or perfect for the holiday season. In addition, it normally can go with any color. It’s not unusual for trends to reemerge from past seasons and that’s exactly what is happening with the current animal print obsession. This was a pattern that many years ago was sent down the runway. High-end designers like Oscar De La Renta and Azzedine Alaia were amongst a group of fashion mavens who created some of their most iconic looks involving animal print.

From bodysuits to coats, to full monochromatic leopard outfits, designers were not afraid to let their creativity fly with their new found favorite “color.” But in the last few seasons, designers like Tom Ford and Donatella Versace have found a love for animal print all over again. Leopard, zebra stripes, and cow patches seem to make small appearances on runways from 2017 – now.

Unlike the ’90s sometimes these patterns are mixed all together and paired with bright colors and excessive jewelry. This definitely speaks to a new generation that is not afraid to be bold with their outfit choices, all you need is a little confidence.

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