Newfound Jewelry Designer, Veronika Payne, Has A Sparkling Idea For How To Accessorize Your Wardrobe
Veronika Payne

When did you realize that fashion and jewelry design were the roads that you wanted to explore? 
I’ve always been interested in fashion and the way it can change your personal energy and the energy of those around you.  I discovered my love for jewelry design during an impromptu trip to Bloomingdales, where I spent hours perusing the display cases. I was taken-in by the idea of storytelling through this form of art, and was implored to tell my story through design.
What is it that motivates you?
I’m motivated by my passion to leave a mark on this earth. I want to be able to say that I lived a life full of ups-and-downs and gave my all to things that I truly cared about. I want to motivate others to do the same and live their most unrivaled life.

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Who -in your opinion- is the ideal, Veronika Payne ‘woman’?   
The Veronika woman is versatile and fiercely independent. She is constantly evolving and learning about the world and life, which means she and her style are never one-dimensional.

the VP, Vivienne choker

Where can people find and purchase your items? 
Everything can be found at my website,