Accessories Street Style: Charismatic Clutches

Adding a pop of charisma to your outfit is a cinch with colorful and classy clutches.

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No need for ruffled feathers here. Add some pizazz to your outerwear with an eye-catching coat and a feather-embellished clutch to match. 

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Carry a chic floral arrangement in the form of a clutch and you'll be ahead of the pack in style. 

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Grandma had it right with her combination of luxe furs and gold accessories. There's no shame in taking a style cue from her with a modern twist. 

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Go for a clutch that has interesting layers. This black on the outside, peach on the inside bag is a welcome break from the classic all black look. 

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This look is for the ladies that don't want to lug around a huge tote. Divide and conquer with a classic cross-body and a striking clutch. 

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Keep it minimal yet interesting by meshing a clean, earth toned outfit and a clutch that adds that token pop of color. 

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You can't go wrong with red. Go for a clutch with interesting hardware and you're bound to turn heads. 

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The 70's have been resurrected and with that comes all of the fringe one can handle. Go for it with an all-over fringe clutch. 

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Go for a clutch with character! A rich color, interesting structure, cool hardware, eye-catching adornment or a combination of all four is sure to start a few conversations. 

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When it comes to this charaismatic clutch, the style is in the details.