5-Year-Old Designs Her Own Graduation Dress and It's Everything

This 5-year-old's self-designed graduation dress is the perfect amount of extra.

Dominique Hobdy May, 30, 2017

If this 5-year-old diva is any indication, the next generation of fashionistas are all about taking matters into their own hands.

Twitter user Ash Leon took to social media to show the internet how her 5-year old cousin decided to add a custom touch to her pre-k graduation by designing her very own dress and people can’t get enough of it.



We’re sure she was the belle of the ball, wearing a shimmering pink and tulle mermaid gown with a white feather boa and long satin gloves — of course.

News of the little graduate’s stand-out look has spread quickly and the initial post has garnered 4.8K retweets and 14K likes.

As if her killer fashion chops weren’t enough, it looks like the 5-year-old also took home a trophy as the class valedictorian.

There’s no doubt that this little one’s future is bright.


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[BLANK_AUDIO] If you have been on IG at all, then you're fully aware that prom season is underway. And these are prom goers and these prom goers are definitely showing out. Florida teen Malan Bolden-Moores decided to shut down the prom dress game all the way down when she wore a Black Lives Matter inspired dress that featured images of African Americans killed. In police involved incidents, including Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and Michael Brown. Milan told a local news station that she received an overwhelmingly positive response on social media, and that Trayvon's mom, Martin even thanked her. But was prom an appropriate place to rock a dress like that? Or is it getting too political? Or is getting political with fashion a good thing? On three, are we slaying or shading this Black Lives Matter prom dress? One, two, three. I'm gonna go with Lo first. I'm just happy that the kids of today are actually speaking out on subjects that are important to them that are close to their age range. Because we always complain about how the younger generation doesn't care, they're not doing their research. They're not Mindful of things that are going on. But you look at a platform like the prom, that's the biggest platform that they have. So for her to take a gamble, you wanna slay, you wanna have the biggest car, the baddest dresses. For her to use that platform Have that message, I applaud her 100%. All right, Scotty. Yeah, I said slayed because she is a high schooler, and I totally believe in what Low was saying, [UNKNOWN] appropriate place. I just hope she's not doing it for To go viral. And I don't know that. I don't know what her motive was. I am going to respectfully, positively think that this motive was for good. And that is it. But sometimes kids these days like to go viral and they want the followers so they will think of doing anything, to put anything on. But I just hope that this is, she was doing this to raise awareness, that's it. And I'm totally, she's a high schooler so I'm going to be positive. Okay. [LAUGH] Sorry. It's all right, it's your truth. [INAUDIBLE] Charli. I slayed. Fashion is art. Art is meant to be political, expressive. If that's the way she wanted to express herself. I remember her caption said something like, I wanted to be a vessel for this message. And like he said, you're prom is your biggest moment as like a 17 or 18 year old. Right. So I'm proud of her for taking a stand against something, and something that's important to her. And everybody's talking about it, which kinda going back to what I was saying earlier, anything that spreads awareness and information, I'm It's a Slayed [UNKNOWN] Yes. Kayla, what are folks saying about [UNKNOWN] dress? People are "slaying" it, they love it! [UNKNOWN] says, "BLM dress was appropriate for prom. The memory of lives lost was able to live on thanks to her. [UNKNOWN] is also slain. New generation is very selfish", she says, so she was bringing more awareness in her own way Marissa Clark said she slayed, teenagers should be politically active. Ester Harmon says, keep it on the forum front, on people's minds. Nice. [BLANK_AUDIO]


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