In the wake of the entertainment industry’s recent call to action against sexual harassment, molestation and rampant abuse, one form of getting the message across has been for celebrities to literally wear the sentiment on their sleeves.
Typically, when we think of a red carpet we imagine gorgeous gowns, glittering shoes, primped hair and makeup. It’s rare to imagine the red carpet being a place of protest, but as last year’s Golden Globes showed us many stars dressed in all-black and sported colored ribbons to support the #MeToo movement. This year at the Golden Globe Awards, the stars have aligned to support the second year of the #TimesUp campaign, wearing black and white ribbons and bracelets designed by Oscar-nominated costume designer Arianne Phillip. Deadline reports that, “this year’s red carpet accessory will serve as a visual representation of our new ‘TIMESUPx2’ campaign.” Scroll through our fashion gallery below to see which stars are taking a stand on the red carpet!


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