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11 Winter Scarves That’ll Punch Up Your Outerwear

When it comes to your scarf game, texture, color, and proportion add a lot of interest.
By Pamela Edwards Christiani · October 23, 2021

Sometimes we forget that something so functional, like a winter scarf, can be incredibly fashionable.

You could have on the warmest of coats, but if your neck, ears, and nose are exposed to frigid air or bitter wind­­––a warm, substantive scarf will erase that awful chill. And covering up your nose and mouth can also create an insulating pocket of warm air, which is so much more comfortable than breathing in icy air. Although not as safe as a protective face mask, a bundle of fabric across your nose and mouth can prevent some airborne viral droplets from breaking though. If your medical grade mask is underneath, then your scarf could function as your second covering, double masking! You get it. That’s enough about function and preventing viruses. 

As for the fashion, scarves can easily pump up the volume of style. Even the simplest of options can make a statement, like a lush cashmere grey scarf. That, over a long navy wool coat, and tall buttery leather boots, well, that mix screams elegance. On the funkier end of the spectrum, let’s say, a vibrant mohair scarf, well that, over combat boots and a smart puffer, delivers some serious street-style. Bottom line, from puffer pull-throughs to Scottish plaid blanket-scarves to ankle-length chunky knits and ribbed technicolor cashmere, scarf choices this season are endless.

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