Pre-Owned Items Are The Key To A Sustainable Wardrobe
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Today’s sustainable market is overwhelmingly saturated more than it’s ever been, with many brands sacrificing sustainability for profitability. More than just a buzzword, “sustainability” is the idea that fashion should not exist at the cost of environmental decline. As consumers finally grasp the picture, our conversations and priorities shift, leading some brands to listen and adjust.

While sustainable fashion has become a separate market within itself, pre-owned and reworked items have always been here. This market has shifted immensely as the internet breaks sourcing barriers and more consumers realize the monetary and environmental value in consigning their gently-loved items. Even in a society obsessed with all things shiny and new, you’d be hard-pressed not to find a fashion-girl that won’t tell you that her thrifted items are heaven-sent.

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There’s a method and a madness to shopping pre-owned (a good eye and dedication are often required), but what you can’t find locally, you’re sure to find among the sea of pre-owned boutiques that have sprung up online. The rumors are true: quality, sustainable, and trendy finds do exist. And your wallet will thank you for shopping pre-owned.

Scroll through a few of our favorite brands that are contributing to eco-friendly fashion with their chic selects.

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