Style Starters: An Ode To The Black Girl "Model Walk"

Rachaell Davis Aug, 23, 2018

It’s no secret: Everything Black women do, we do at an elevated level and in our own unique way.

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From the boardroom to the dance floor and everywhere in between, we leave a little sprinkle of Black Girl Magic wherever we go. A part of what makes us naturally stand out is the confidence we carry in our walk. Whether we’re working the runway, walking down the sidewalk in a fly outfit, or dominating the stage, there’s nothing quite like being in the presence of a confident Black woman on the move.

As we continue to celebrate everything that makes our style unique in anticipation for the 2018 ESSENCE Street Style Festival, scroll through to join us in paying homage to the way we strut our stuff.



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Black women have been bringing a unique element of style to runways, sidewalks and everywhere in between since we can remember.

Pictured: Beverly Johnson

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As with everything we do, Black women bring an unique confidence and attitude to the runway that's unlike any other.

Pictured: Tyra Banks

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Like the pioneer fashion models of color have continuously demonstrated over the years, a Black woman's signature walk never goes out of style.

Pictured: Helen Williams

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Try as you may, you'll seldom catch a Black woman off guard when it comes time to strut her stuff.

Pictured: Eva Marcille

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From curves, to melanin, to flawless skin, there are endless elements that help make a Black woman's signature walk something to see.

Pictured: Philomena Kwao

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Whether we're rocking sneakers and sweats, jeans and sandals or 4-inch stilettos and gowns, a fierce strut is always on deck.

Pictured: Imaan Hammam

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It's hard not to turn heads when you command any room you walk in with a confident walk.

Pictured: Maria Borges

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When a Black woman hits the runway, expect a little something extra.

Pictured: Chanel Iman

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Most importantly, our signature struts cannot be boxed in, contained or defined by anyone other than us.

Pictured: Jourdan Dunn

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From facial expressions, to body language, you can find us dripping in Black Girl Magic while our way to just about anywhere. Pictured: Riley Montana

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No matter where we are or what we're wearing, we know just how to compliment a fierce signature strut with the perfect pose.

Pictured: Tabria Majors

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Moral of the story: When a Black woman is in motion, all eyes are on her and it's not hard to see why.

Pictured: Teyana Taylor