Stylish Storage Solutions For Your Beloved Clothes and Accessories 

Chic hangers, containers and more to keep your clothes and accessories pristine. Why? Becasue they deserve it. 

Patrice J. Williams May, 11, 2016

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Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire, $120: Rings, bracelets, necklaces, oh my. This mirror pulls double duty and stores them all. 

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Slim Grips Hangers, $15: The non-slip padding will keep even your silkiest shirt from falling off and the slim design takes up less space in your closet. 

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Mink Folding Travel Tray, $10Traveling with accessories, especially necklaces, can be a tangled mess, but not anymore. 

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Audrey Organizer, $60: With hooks for your necklaces, a small tray for trinkets and loops for your scarves, this dress-shaped organizer combines fashion and function. 

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Acrylic Bracelet Box, $15Display your bracelets and turn them into visual works of art. 

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Boot Shapers, $6: Store your mid-calf and over the knee boots so they're like new

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Perfect Curve Camisole Rack, $15: The simple, yet efficient design houses your camis, tank tops, bras or belts.

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Lidded Eyewear Storage, $40: How many times have you bent the arm of your sunglasses? Give them the protection they deserve with this velvet lined box. 


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Closet Doubler, $22: Double the size of your closet and store your dress shirts and trousers properly. 

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Honeycomb Drawer Organizer, $10: Your underwear drawer can get unorganized, but this combats that.  

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Portable Storage Closet Organizer, $32: If your problem is limited closet space, here's your most affordable solution.


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