During the current economic crisis that the country is facing in light of the coronavirus pandemic, where millions are unemployed and those who are still working may be facing job and financial insecurity, it can be easy to worry, and get down on yourself as you try to figure out your next steps in life.

However, during the 2020 ESSENCE festival panel titled ‘You Got This, Sis! Adjusting Your Career Path During Times Of Uncertainty,’ three iconic Black women visionaries took some time out of their days to remind us that we still have the potential to flourish even in these uncertain times, whether through developing new skills of our own, or assisting those who may need a little bit of a boost.

“Many people are looking for miracles in times of uncertainty. But miracles happen out of normalcy. It happens through the skills and gifts and talents that we already have. I’m still doing today what I cultivated in me through a tough time some 20 years ago,” global philanthropist Ivy McGregor said during the panel discussion, referencing a time in her own life when she lost her job, facing her own terrifying moments of financial uncertainty only to turn around and create her own success story.

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“Big businesses were started during depressions and so it is during your downtime that some of the greatest strength that we have is pulled from within. Stuff that you didn’t know you had,” she added.

McGregor acknowledged, however, that those who may be having a tough time during the current crises that we are living through, should feel empowered to reach out for assistance.

“Find one person that you can talk to, one person that you can be very transparent with that you can say, ‘I’m afraid,’ one person that will keep you accountable…that one person will keep you on task with your projects,” she said pointing out that these endeavors don’t have to be embarked on alone.

In fact, for those who may be fortunate enough to not be struggling, who may even be thriving, McGregor called them in to uplift those who need assistance.

“Now is the time for us to go back to the roots of who we are as a people,” McGregor said. “I think [COVID-19] has brought us back to the basics of who we are as a people, we look out for each other and we love each other.”

Financial coach Lynn Richardson, who also appeared on the panel also encouraged individuals to tap into their talents, echoing McGregor’s words.

“The truth about a recession is that during a recession, millionaires and billionaires are made,” Richardson said bluntly. “I say to people this, you will either be a millionaire, a billionaire or a witness when you come out of this season.”

“Now is the time to grind as you have never grinded before because we’re all sitting still…so now is the time to get an education, now is the time to get a financial education, now is the time while we’re sitting still to get the knowledge that we don’t have,” she encouraged.


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