Here's The Real Truth Behind One Of The Biggest Misconceptions About African Culture

Our official ESSENCE Festival Durban 2017 ambassador Nomzamo Mbatha has a few things to clear up about her homebase...don't sleep!

Rachaell Davis Aug, 11, 2017

As much as we love to celebrate our African roots and African culture here in America, there are still more than a few things that we don’t quite have just right when it comes to how educated we are on the subject.

Take a listen to our official ESSENCE Festival Durban 2017 ambassador Nomzamo Mbatha as she clears up a few of the most common misconceptions about Africa, and then be sure to grab your tickets to join us in South Africa this fall!

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[BLANK_AUDIO] What's the one big thing that you think people don't know about Africa? The biggest misconception? Like what message would you like to tell people that probably don't know much about the continent? My goodness. That we are an informed people. We are an informed people, we know everything that is happening in the world, we know about Gucci. [LAUGH] Don't we have the Gucci store in Sandton? Excuse me! Yes! Listen, we are such an informed people, and we We are so developed in our thinking. We're developed in how we do and how we live, and how we cultivate towards each other, and how we just support each other. Musicians, musicians come out to South Africa all the time. They go out to Africa, actually, across the continent. ALl the time. [UNKNOWN] New Orleans say, so you guys got like, SUVs? I'm like, how you think I got to America [LAUGH]. The craziest question I've ever gotten is how wa the president of Africa. Yes, have you gotten any [UNKNOWN]. Have you gotten any Besides the SUV one, the how you get here, there's that one. [CROSSTALK] So you've got roads. I'm like, wait, where's the plane supposed to take off? Exactly we have a terminal. Definitely did not come [UNKNOWN]. But I realized when that moment happened, that's when I said it's our responsibility To change that narrative. And that's what I'm doing. That we are an economically developed country. Yes. And continent. Let them know. So I need to change that. Let them know. [BLANK_AUDIO]