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Is the world’s new favorite big screen foursome from Girls Trip headed abroad to ESSENCE Fest Durban for part 2? 

Following the film’s monumental box office success during its’ opening week, there’s been plenty of buzz about the possibility of a sequel. Earlier this week, we heard cast member Jada Pinkett-Smith weigh in with her thoughts about a possible Girls Trip 2 in the near future, and now her fellow  Flossy Possy member Tiffany Haddish is adding to the growing speculation.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview, Tiffany revealed that if there were to be a Girls Trip sequel, she’d love to see the ladies take their talents out of the country to South Africa.

“I would love to see them going to Essence Fest in South Africa,” she said. “And they got to South Africa thinking they are going to be around some Africans and then finding out that a lot of white people live there and being in complete shock.”

Taking a things a step further, the hilarious starlet added that she could even see her character, Dina, finding love aborad — with a twist, of course!

“Like Dina [asking a potential bae], “You African?” And she finds out how prejudice she might actually be and grow from that and marry a white man. Or, a white African. I am just making that up, but I would like to do South Africa.”

Well, we’d definitely love to see the story continued just as Tiffany described, but while you wait to find out, you can get more information on planning your own ESSENCE Fest Durban girls trip riiiiiight —–> HERE.